mr_pandakun (mr_pandakun) wrote,

Challenger - 1986

I've been using the Challenger disaster as my age-group's defining "where where you when..." - for at least when we were kids in school. It's been 24 years, and I don't remember it as vividly as other news events, but it still one of those moments I'll always remember. I even watched some of the investigation footage on YouTube - including a bit by Richard Feynman.

I also remembered some other important footage I remember seeing on the news in my youth. The Berlin Wall, the attempted coup in Russia with Boris Yeltsin standing on a tank waving - er - something, and a nightly news cast where, I think, Dan Rather (or someone looking a bit like him) was standing to a backdrop of fax machines saying that this was how the protesters were getting communications out.

Anyway, interesting stuff. Thank you, YouTube!
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