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Quiet... afternoon?

Now that we're winding down the year, I'm cleaning out all the crap we've got in the IT office. Old boxes for equipment that's been around longer than I have, some funky old desktop workstations that don't work anymore, an old Mac G5 desktop that I'll be donating, that sort of thing. I feel less stressed when there isn't a ton of crap piled around my work area, and to that end there's a feeling of liberation when I see all that junk broken down for recycling in the big bins outside. Ah, refreshing!

Looking back at 2010, a lot of bad crap happened... just in general. My life was pretty rocky there, as was a number of my friends'. I've also noticed - and had it pointed out to me - that I've become less patient, more quick to irritate, and less extroverted than I've been in the past. I certainly won't deny it, I've learned from experience in a number of situations and I have less energy to let things pass. Lots of getting mired in depressive states, too. To that end, I'm trying *not* to let things pass and be more active in addressing things or taking action. Surprisingly, that takes less energy in the long run and keeps my mind from getting bogged down.

Anyway, most of my complaining was about the start and the middle of the year. The end of the year has certainly been better, and I look forward to a much less crazy and more feel-good next year - and years to follow! Hopefully I can even reschedule things soon to make these Wednesday party things! :)
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