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One day my mother and I were talking about the musicians I liked, and how she "wasn't surprised I enjoyed Laurie Anderson and Björk". I thought about that recently, about how the two of them are - the Icelandic romantic pixie and the more East-Coast Avant Garde poet.

I love Laurie Anderson's spoken word, because it speaks a lot to me in the way that I can take normal, everyday things or experiences and sort of put them on edge and think of them in different - often unorthodox - ways. Poetic, sometimes zany ways. Some people marvel at how strange the word "ketchup" sounds all by itself; that's kind of what it's like for me.

I enjoy Björk's earlier works, because they had a playfulness to them, a strong, vibrant and sometimes loud boisterous quality. Her newer work I'm not as into, but I think that's just the way an artist's sound evolves sometimes.

In both cases, I've always felt a sort of freedom involved with their spoken word and music - the freedom of observing a world in a peculiar way, and the freedom to be a playful adult. I'm weird, and I've always felt like I'm weird, and I'm okay with being weird in the way that I am. I know people who are weirder than I, or in different ways, or both, so there's no sort of contest or any want for me to ... enhance or attempt to further channel my weirdness. Lots of "I" statements here. I'm comfortable with my weirdness and seek to embrace it.

Along those lines, I recently discovered Reggie Watts. I see what I envision my creative self to be, in the way of "if I had grown up without any shyness of being weird - in front of an audience, that is, I would probably be doing what he's doing". He's the right-half of Laurie Anderson in my creative enjoyment of music and sense of humor. A song about sandwiches and using big ass bread? That's my level, right there. I grew up that kind of silly, just ask my cousins.

So Reggie has a new fan, and I have another performer I'll be seeing when he's in California. Sadly, he's down in Texas this March. Grr. Lucky Texans. On the other hand, he's based in Washington (the state), so hopefully I'll be able to see him in Oregon sometime in the near future.
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