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I miss my sweetie.

It's been hell on toast the last few weeks for getting this whole work conference shin-dig, and making the mistake of going out last night instead of just going home, today took a lot out of me.

The good news is that this (almost) annual event went well; the volunteers got to our office on time to help out, I directed everybody with little to no downtime, and everything got done - without error - with 15 minutes to spare. The rest of the day continued in that fashion, with a hurried and sometimes frantic pace we managed to get everything done on time and totally right. So I'm proud of that.

The not so good news is that I'm stuck here for another few hours while we do a phone system update and I wait to collect some computer hardware that's still around, and I wasn't able to borrow Mom's car last night so I have a ZipCar to return, *and* because I'm wiped out and need to get here super early tomorrow I'll be staying at a nearby hotel to make that transition easier. On top of that, I'm upgrading the phone system this evening too, while no one's using it and doesn't care it goes on and offline a bunch.

But I'll miss my sweetie, my bed, and my little twerp kitty, pretty much in that order.

At least I'm going home tomorrow :)
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