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Updates - yeah, what are those again?

A few tidbits for everyone. Warning, about 50/50 complaining, but I'll keep it mellow :)

* We moved to our new place, and in so doing I injured my right knee in a biking accident right before. Well, the move and the lack of working bike has kept that from healing, plus the left knee - which is suffering from "runner's knee". I don't think my body has had any time to heal from the crash, as it's been going at full tilt work-mode since last Wednesday... with, like, a half-day of rest so far.

* I'm thinking of taking all next week to work at home. Really work, not just "work". I've got a number of things to schedule, document and generally craft for two huge upcoming projects, so I could use some quiet time. Plus, that'll take some time off my knees and some time to schedule a massage. MMmmm, massage!

* A nasty Windows virus has been making its way around, the symptoms being disabling anti-virus programs (of course), making as many files as it can "hidden", keylogging and reporting back to a hacked website. Three people have so far fallen victim, so it's certainly making its way around. Fighting that right now.

* Trying to get our virtualization project wrapped up - specifically the network reworking. I "finally" struck out on an eBay purchase - i.e. getting IT gear from eBay, and finding out it doesn't work to the degree I need it. And of course, it's sold "as-is" with only a 7 day return policy. I got it for a very low price point, which is usually a tip-off, but sometimes I sell perfectly working stuff for real cheap 'cause I just want it OUT of my office. Anyway, a loss of about $600, but I'll try re-selling it on eBay and see if I can get at least $100 back.

* My room's almost finished, but I have a lot of odds/ends to put away and a lot of art to hang. With that in mind, I'm holding off finishing that up until I have the garage finished and the bathroom installation stuff done. Kitchen's coming along nicely, though - and that's awesome!

I'm so totally going to float through November, after the crazy that's going to be the next 4 months.
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