mr_pandakun (mr_pandakun) wrote,

Wishlist 2011

I've posted some up on my Amazon wishlist, but there's some local stuff I'd like:

* Movie gift certificates (for the place down here in Hayward... the AMC?)
* Replacement handlebar grips for both my bikes. They're getting pretty funky.
* Gift certificate to EndGame - there's always something I like there
* Gift certificate to Vosges Chocolate, or a trip to the Xcolocat Bar on College Ave.
* Speaking of food, there's also gift certs to Foodoro ( - they've got all sorts of neato stuff there.
* I need a bunch of individual Magic cards - see next entry for details

I also have a wishlist on Amazon - but please buy things via local outlets whenever possible.

NOTE: For Castro Valley, try Ronin Games and Hobbies on Center St. They can order things and have a stock of boardgames/RPGs too.

That's all I can think of for now. There's just not much more out there I would want or need :)
Tags: wishlist
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