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The worst work travel experience, hands-down

Okay, so our company bought another company here in Boulder earlier last month. Very nice. Talked to the people out there, they're all cool people, got the gist of what needed to be installed, made all the appropriate appointments, etc.

Everything was prepared on my end when I was given a ride out to the airport on Friday, everything seemed to be in hand. Then, as I waited for my plane, I get an email from our ISP: good news, the T1 circuit is being tested on Monday and the router will be out there Tuesday! Except that was bad news, because everything hinged on things being ready on Saturday morning for the phone system install. Sent some emails back and got another router sent out for Saturday delivery, cool.

Then, I get to Denver and get my tiny ass car - fine. Show up and chat with the staff about IT plans. But, the wiring guy for the phone lines AND the wiring guy for the ISP don't show. WTF? I email the ISP again, and get "they were out there on Friday". Yes, and they tested the circuit in the basement and didn't drag the cable up to the office - like I'd asked. "okay, they'll be out there Monday"

I then call the phone company, as they have limited hours on Saturday. No dice, they have no records of my order, and I'll have to wait for.... Yes, Monday... to call back. The wiring guys I hired to fix the faceplates show up, and I have to tell them "sorry, gotta reschedule for Monday - maybe Tuesday". Which is going to suck for everyone else as that means their phones will be off during business hours.

Then, I go to Home Depot to get some fire retardant plywood for the shelf backing. They don't have it, but they can special order. I ask if anyone else has it, and they say no. I call around to some lumber yards, and lo! Success! Except they can't cut the 4x8 sheet for me, I'll have to get a truck. Fine, I can rent one from Home Depot... Except someone rented the last one right before me in line. They say a van should be back by 10:30am, and the lumberyard is open until noon. Cool, I wait. And wait. And them my guts explode from something I ate for breakfast.

Not only that, but the "decaf" mocha I ordered just an hour ago wasn't actually decaf, it was full-caf. Maybe double-caf, because I'm way high strung at this point, which made the gut problem all the more painful.

So the van doesn't get there by 11:15am, and there's no way I can get to the lumberyard in time - even if I got a UHaul, which I can't since I don't have proof of insurance (trucks are "normal vehicles"). Fine, I get it, I'll just get normal plywood and have it replaced later in the year.

I get back to work, feeling really sick and awful, and continue my work. Later, I drill anchor screws, take down a shelving system, put up a big sheet of plywood, and then get a light dinner. I get back an hour later and mount the beastly bulky shelving thing, mount the switches, plug everything back in, and promptly lose it while getting down from the ladder. Exhausted, very uncomfortable, still sick and shaky, I drive home. I managed to get things done - which surprises me still - but fuck did I just want to spend the day at the hotel curled up in bed.

Can't, though. I've got a full day tomorrow and a big scramble to do a hell of a lot of things Monday morning, all the while laying the hammer down on my vendor support for putting me in this bind, and giving out apologies for interrupting people's work for a better part of a day. My body wants to give up, but I've got three days more to go. Ugh.

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