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Wishlist 2010

Okay, it's been a long time and I've wound up buying a good deal of stuff that I wanted this year anyway... but there's always *something* I could use or a cause I'd like to support.

* A good, long scarf. I don't go out in the cold much, except when I travel to Portland in the winter (like I'm probably going to do this year) or the Midwest. There I really could have used a scarf.

* Gift certificate to EndGame - they've always got cool stuff I'd like to try out. Also a gift certificate to CJ's Collectibles in Newark would be sweet; I want to support their local business, and they sell individual cards.

* Same with The Crucible - I'm itching to take a MIG welding class next year

* A distillery tour of Hangar One in Alameda

* Gift certificate to Vosges Chocolate. I'm specifically interested in trying their Collezione Italiana, the drinking chocolates (Aztec), the Blood Orange Caramel bar, and a bunch of other things.

* I'd like to experiment with more waffle mixes, like the ones from Bellegem. I've got a list of ones I've already tried a few (10 or so) entries back.

* A weekend of making ice cream. Basically, the assistance getting the kitchen ready, help buying the ingredients, assistance prepping the custards, maybe borrowing another ice cream mixer, decision-making help picking the recipes, and - of course - help sampling!

* Along the same lines, I could use some cooking classes. Sur La Table in San Francisco has some, but I'd like to wait until after the holidays to do so. Lots of them are focused on holiday-type things right now.

* Speaking of ice cream, I'd like to take some money down to Kim's place, go to the New Leaf market and buy the Ruby Jewel ice cream sandwiches.
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