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It seemed like the trend!

This Christmas turned out very small, but still very nice. For one, a 3 day weekend is something of a gift in itself! Spending some quality time with my sweetie, and not running up to Walnut Creek during the rain storm by taking a combination of bus-running-on-Sunday-schedules plus BART running on same only then to call for a pickup when I got there then repeat the whole process for returning home (except that I wouldn't have to get the bus on the way back)... *gasp*

No, instead I opted to stay in and was very happy to do so. My apologies to the family for not making it up there, but such are the hazards of living in Fremont. Hopefully when we live closer to Orinda I'll be a bit more reliable on that front.

Anyway, the gifts I got were fantastic - EndGame will certainly feel my shopping wrath on Tuesday! Got a very nifty pocket watch, something I've been wanting since I was a kid. Also, big thanks for a very nice and cozy scarf from Kim. Woot! Plus, once again I shall be visiting the Crucible for welding classes. Very nice, all told!

Sadly, the Big Gift for my sweetie did not arrive yet. Hmm. I've called the person and sent many e-mails, but I'm giving her the benefit of a doubt that, after all it is the holidays, things get very busy & shuffled around.

So yes, lots of good there. Tomorrow I help my mom to knee surgery, then help organize and clean her house so that she has to do the minimal amount of work once she's settled back in. Today, it's off to visit a friend, watch Jeff Bridges in action, and have some tasty lunch. Again, loving the 3 day weekends!

Oh, and no matter how you celebrate it, I hope everyone out there is having a festive and joyous time right now. It doesn't have to be December to do this, but when you have a large number of people in that mood, you might as well join in with the greetings giving.

Plus there's eggnog. Every day's better with eggnog.
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